Videos For Adults
Dumbo Feather Conversations
presents Paul Jennings (full video)
Paul Jennings discusses
‘Don’t Look Now’
Paul Jennings talks about
The Nest.
Paul Jennings on writing,
parenting and pain - The Feed.
The Author We Deserved.
Page Nomad.


Video & Audio for Kids
Round The Twist SIE8 Wunderpants.
Twisted Lunchbox
  Paul Jennings - Story Time
Thankyou Warrnambool Art Gallary
Paul Jennings - Dont Look Now
Thankyou Warrnambool Art Gallary
  Wunderpants – By Paul Jennings – Audio story. Read by Ratel.H Badger
Paul Jennings reads and excerpt from
A Different Boy.
  Licked – by Paul Jennings.
Mr O reads ‘Licked’