The Unforgettable What's His Name

A Different Land The hilarious story of a boy with an unusual problem  with fantastic look-and-find colour illustrations by Craig Smith.

'Even before all this happened I had never been like the other kids. I tried not to be seen. If I climbed a tree or hid among the bins, no one could find me. 'Where's What's His Name?' they'd say.
Then, one weekend, I got what I wanted. First, I blended in with things. But on the second day I changed. I mean, really changed. 

Some kids don’t want to be noticed. But the world is changing in such a way that it is more and more difficult to get by if you are shy.
I know this book is funny, easy to read and a bit of a romp. But I do hope that it also tells the quiet people that their lives can be exciting and successful without having to ceaselessly promote themselves.
Longlisted for the Australia Book Industry Awards 2017


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